18 Financial Tips for a 22-Year-Old College Grad

January 17, 2022 // Blog

   18 Financial Tips for a 22-Year-Old College Grad:   1. Live below your means. If you make $40K a year, live on $34K (including taxes) and save the rest. If you’re making $4M a year, live on $3.4M (including taxes) and save the rest.   2. Do you really want / need that […]

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Ten Things We Do to Create a Sustainable Work Life Balance

November 21, 2021 // Blog

  Kristin Jonason and I recently had 9 hours of “windshield time” driving to/from Norway, Iowa, to meet with a new client. One of the topics we were batting around as we drove down the “Avenue of the Saints” (the route from St. Paul, Minnesota, to St. Louis, Missouri), was sustainable work-life balance.   Kristin […]

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Secure Identity. Adaptive Expression.

February 1, 2021 // Blog

*Article also appears in The 2021 Q1 Prouty Pulse.   Who are you at your core? What do you value and what do you believe? What are the characteristics most present in your life and work? These are a few questions that help reveal your identity.   2020 helped us remember the importance of a […]

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Hey, Wait a Minute…

April 7, 2019 // Blog

  Hey, Wait a Minute… I Started a Consulting Business!  I talked to Jeff Prouty recently about the basics of starting a consulting business. He actually made it sound, if not easy, at least possible. Here are some helpful pointers:   ✓ Getting Started. Jeff began his own consulting business seven years ago by […]

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