Strategic Planning &
Leadership Development

Our Strategic Planning and Leadership Development offerings are highly customized to meet the unique needs and budgets of our clients. Our value as a trusted partner lies in our desire and ability to design and deliver highly personalized, experiential content for developing the mindsets and competencies your organization and its leaders need to achieve your stretch goals.

We’ve invested everything we have in the future of our clients, and we’ve cultivated thousands of leaders and organizations for more than three decades.

Different space. Different place. Different pace.

At The Prouty Project, we go beyond the traditional approach to the development of your business and its leaders. While we do deliver lessons on leadership, strategic plans, and other content, the true value of working with our team is in the experiential aspects of every engagement.

Our team guides CEOs, executives, and next-gen leaders to achieve extraordinary results every day, yet what makes us unique is in how we do that. We incorporate different styles of learning that include one-of-a-kind experiences that challenge you and your team both physically and mentally.

How we work


We customize every engagement and co-create the process with each client. This collaboration places you at the center of the process, ensuring its results are relevant, valuable and lead to high performance for your organization.

equal voices
Equal Voices

We invite you to our Creative Think Tank, where we can comfortably seat 13 members of your team at a round artisan table that emphasizes and ensures the equal position and voice of everyone.

deep inquiry
Deep Inquiry

Unlike other consultants who seem to burnish their brand by telling you the answers, we honor the power of thoughtful questions that stretch your thinking beyond its typical limitations and open up possibilities outside what’s been considered before.


We encourage clients to begin the consulting journey by taking a 30-minute leadership profile (called Insights Discovery) to increase self-awareness, advance relationships, and transform your organization.

Inspired Experience

We deliver experiences that keep you moving (and awake), challenge you to use all your senses, enjoy some music, remember you have a sense of humor, and perhaps recall what it feels like to play again. Life is short, so let’s have some fun!

Giving Back

We try to make the world a better place by contributing our time, talent, and treasure with each project. We have a Stretch Fund of the Minneapolis Foundation with a $2M goal, and we intend to achieve it. Your work with The Prouty Project helps us do that! We’re so deeply grateful.

Strategic Planning

Where have you been? Where are you now? Where do you want to go? Our consultants will analyze the past, present, and future of your organization, incorporating the unique perspectives of your board, employees, customers, and suppliers to craft a clear vision and strategic plan. We’ll also build a detailed framework—complete with the people, processes, and systems you’ll need in place—to transform that future vision into a reality.

Ready to implement the strategies necessary to achieve your vision?

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Leadership Development

Our leadership development programs are focused on relationships, experiences, and growth. We help you identify the strengths and weaknesses of those on your leadership team, how they fit into your organization, and how they can use their individual skillsets to achieve your vision and lead others to the best of their abilities.

We help your leaders better lead themselves, lead others, and lead your organization into the future.

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Client Spotlight

Arrowhead Engineered Products

The Prouty Project Creates a Custom Executive Retreat: Build the Team. Build the Business.

Strategic planning and leadership development go hand in hand. Without leaders, there is no way to implement a good strategy. Without a strategy, what is there to lead? This client had a fantastic business with a dedicated customer base, and with a new executive team set to take the wheel, it looked like they were primed for growth.

See how The Prouty Project helped this client build their business, starting with their leaders.

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We’re not in request-for-proposal mode. We’re in request-for-performance mode.

We prefer you come right into our Creative Think Tank and see how we work. We ask provocative questions that require all of us to think differently. To reframe the context of the discussion in a new way. We stretch your thinking and ignite your creativity. And we have fun together.