Sam Smith

Secure Identity. Adaptive Expression.

by Sam Smith

*Article also appears in The 2021 Q1 Prouty Pulse.
Who are you at your core? What do you value and what do you believe? What are the characteristics most present in your life and work? These are a few questions that help reveal your identity.
2020 helped us remember the importance of a strong identity as the world changed around us. A secure identity allowed our expression of that identity to adapt while maintaining integrity. At the Prouty Project, we know who we are and why we exist, which has allowed us to meet your needs in new ways. When you are secure in your identity and adaptive in your expression, you maximize your opportunity to serve.

Secure Identity

We value curiosity, adventure and generosity. We lead with questions and possibilities to co-create the best solution. We stretch our clients and ourselves to chart a course beyond comfort zones. We make the world a better place by contributing our time, talent and treasure.
We believe the best way to prepare for your future is to prepare for constant change. We believe gathering the right voices in a creative process with inspired leadership creates unparalleled results. We believe in driving through any obstacle to help you advance your mission.
We embody the knowledge, skills and mindsets consistent with keen business acumen, leadership prowess and strategic thinking, along with mastery in design and facilitation.

Adaptive Expression

The expression of our identity has primarily been experienced in beautiful and creative office space, on the grounds of conference centers around the country and even in the north woods of Minnesota. And that will continue in due time. Throughout 2020, you realized that our identity is as strong as ever in a virtual world. With the same commitment to creativity, leading methods and frameworks and sound acumen, we’re leveraging new tools, advanced technology and evolved techniques to stretch you to new heights, and your results speak volumes.
2021 is a year to grow our way forward. Join us in new and old expressions of our desire to serve you.

Client Experience

[spanning years of face-to-face and more recent virtual experience]
“You are one of the best facilitators I have worked with, both in terms of agility, strategy, connecting with a smart and critical audience and driving a good outcome. Able to work with our conceptual ideas, gathering feedback from the team and driving these concepts into actionable plans.”
[regarding their first ever virtual annual meeting]
“You guys did an excellent job planning this meeting. It was fun, engaging, interactive and exceeded expectations. From start to finish, it was a meeting that was inspiring and engaging. Your creativity is amazing.”
Who are you at your core? What is your identity and how willing are you to adapt your expression in times of change to serve your best customers’ greatest needs? We would love to help you answer that question and others as you advance your strategy, leadership and culture in new ways.



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