Our Approach to Leadership Development is Experiential

We believe the best way to cultivate leaders is through engagement and experience. That’s why we’ve ditched the classrooms, lectures, seminars, and training sessions, replacing them with experiential learning opportunities that are specially designed for the next generation of leaders. We partner with your organization to help you identify the leaders who are crucial to success, delivering them highly personalized, experiential content that develops their mindsets, skillsets, and competencies to help them lead themselves, lead others, and lead your business.

Whether you have a single CEO or President, an executive team, or an entire board, our leadership development process will provide clarity in their roles and responsibilities, create alignment on culture and goals, and help them commit to and take ownership of the organization’s success.

Our leadership development services help leaders improve relationships among one another and with those they lead, cultivate learning to adopt new ways of thinking, and commit to the personal and professional development of themselves and everyone else.

Leadership Development Cohorts

Our leadership development cohorts provide the opportunity to learn in a different space, at a different place, and at a different pace. Participants are challenged to stretch beyond their limits to reach their true potential. Every participant leaves each cohort with specific actions to practice and is held accountable to their individual action plan.

We specialize in leadership cohorts that are open to the public as well as customizable “single organization” cohorts that are specifically tailored to your organization’s leaders. Meet virtually, at our Creative Think Tank, or at Sugar Lake Lodge—no matter where we meet, we guarantee that your leaders will grow through an unforgettable experience at one of our leadership cohorts.

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Board Development

board development
Our board development process helps align board members, define their roles, and foster a relationship that allows them to work as a unified team with their organization’s leadership. They will learn to trust and rely on one another, communicate well, and align on the core strategies and metrics for success.

Senior Team Development

senior team development
Our experiential leadership development engagements inspire your senior leaders to thoughtfully link behavior to team performance in your workplace. We help them connect on a deep professional level with their teams, use their own experience to grow, and apply their newly formed mindsets to their everyday roles as leaders.

Client Spotlight

DLR Group

The Prouty Project Customizes a Leadership Development Cohort for a Global Design Firm Architecture and Leadership by Design

Being a large firm with a multi-national presence is the dream of many businesses. But that dream often comes with several challenges, namely the communication, collaboration, and connection that is lost when so many leaders are operating in every corner of the world. In order for a company to continue to grow and stay connected, it’s essential to develop its people, teaching them to create a connection with one another that transcends borders, crosses oceans, and circumnavigates the globe.

See how The Prouty Project helped this global design firm plan and implement a three-part leadership development program designed to enhance its leaders and create a solid connection for years to come.

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CEO/Board Transitions

ceo or board transition
A change at the top is one of the most challenging issues for an organization to address. What do you need to make it work? What can go wrong, and how do you avoid these pitfalls? How can you make the transition as smooth as possible? We work with long-time leaders to transition out of the business and set a direction for the next generation of leadership to thrive. Leadership. Ownership. Governance.

Succession Planning

succession planning
Do you know who your next generation C-suite leaders are? Who are the two people—for every position—that are being groomed to replace your C-suiters? What does the process look like, and how will it be executed? As Jim McNerney, former CEO of 3M and Boeing liked to say, “The best way to grow a company is to grow its leaders.” We can help you make a successful leadership transition for your leaders, allowing your organization to continue forward without missing a beat.

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We Cultivate Leaders from All Industries

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DLR Group
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DLR Group

“In three years, we have nearly doubled in size and revenues working with The Prouty Project. The Prouty team has been great to work with and they have become a trusted partner to our business and strategic planning efforts.”

Griff Davenport

Chief Executive Officer, DLR Group