The Prouty Project

Our 2023 Referral Recognitions

*Article also appears in The Prouty Pulse.
What an amazing compliment for you to refer our organization to those you know.

Bret Sutton
Cheriti Swigart
General Mills
Cory Super
Dean Kephart
Jeff Moore
Jeff Swanhorst
Jen Hanlon Ash
Ballinger Leafblad
Jen Wothe
Minnesota Construction Association
Jim Horn
John Berlin
Carlisle IT
John Francis
Johnny Franchise
John Kimball
The Grattan Group LLC
Karen Kelley-Ariwoola
Northside Achievement Zone
Karen Larson
YMCA of the North
Ken McMahon
Bay Island, LLC
Kendall Harrell
Caribou Coffee
Kevin Vogt
The Swanson Family of Companies
Laura Molgaard
University of Minnesota, College of Veterinary Medicine
Mary Hodgdon
Cana Family Institute
Mike Paton
EOS Worldwide
Pam Axberg
Union Gospel Mission
Paul Wente
CSM Corporation
Rachel Evangelisto
The Miss America Organization
Sarah Veith
United Properties
Shane Waslaski
Moore Holding Company
Shayne Wilwert
All Energy Solar
Sondra Samuels
Northside Achievement Zone
Steve Korf
ToneyKorf Partners, LLC
Tim Foster
The Partners Group
Tony Sanneh
The Sanneh Foundation
Tonya Brownlow
Emma Norton


Congratulations to Dean Kephart, who was randomly selected from the pool of referrals as the winner of the $1,000 donation to the charitable organization of their choice.

Dean has chosen to donate the $1,000 to Northside Achievement Zone!



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