Team Perspectives: Fulfillment in the Workplace

We devote the first Tuesday of every month to our team. Once a month, we intentionally create a space of community, rest, and alignment. This month, we asked our employees this:
What about your work makes you feel the most fulfilled?
Fulfillment at work is fundamentally connected to engagement which drives team performance. Learn what fulfills some of the Prouty Team at work!

Adrienne Jordan

Aha moments and the experiences that lead to them bring me the most joy. Whether working with a client, with prouty i•will members, or with Prouty team members, my joy comes from revelation of hidden insights through connection, community, and learning and growing together. My purpose is to serve others through insight, energy, and imagination, and when I am in the flow of this happening, I am overfilled with joy and grateful to be a part of the movement towards greater understanding.

Kristin Jonason

The best part about my job is when we ask our clients about their final reflections or closing words of wisdom at the end of our session, and they share what they are taking away from the day, and I get to hear first-hand what was most impactful about our time together. It’s always a great reminder that we are adding value and developing others in meaningful ways. It makes me feel so fulfilled!

Lexi Wick

I feel most fulfilled in my job while solving a problem that will make the lives of my coworkers better, more efficient, and less stressful. I am energized knowing that if I can solve a problem through research, time, experimentation that my colleagues will have more time to spend helping our clients.

Also, I always leave FTWM feeling extremely fulfilled and hopeful for the future. Connecting with my colleagues and talking about the challenges and successes of our everyday lives as well as sharing personal notes and stretching experiences with them feels like a win every single time. This collection of people is special. We have “out there” ideas and are not afraid to go outside of our comfort zones if it means we will be bettering ourselves, our team, or the organization. We all seem to know that we always have more to learn to better ourselves and that challenge is extremely important to my fulfillment.

Peter Bailey

The part of my job that makes me feel most fulfilled is when I can share an experience, an instructional design model or an activity with an internal staff person or a client that helps them change their perspective, see more possibility, feel better about their choices ahead of them.

Anytime we can bring a sense of hope and possibility during a change process, when the situation seems bleak… that is very fulfilling!

Anytime I can help clients by encouraging them that they are on the right path, they have what they need inside them, and that they are needed in the world. That’s a great day!

Whenever people change their perspective and have a better appreciation for their coworkers, due to the work with Insights Discovery, or a challenge activity, or EQ, I feel we are doing our small part to heal the world!



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