Peter Bailey



You could say Peter has a “driving” passion for positive thinking; he proclaims it proudly on his car license plate, which reads: CREATE. Honk if you see him pass by.

And create Peter does. As president of The Prouty Project, he develops transformational experiences that improve collaboration by helping people expand their life skills, belief systems and communication processes. He also designs and facilitates cross-cultural strategic planning and innovation programs for companies eager to help their people become more effective global team members. Having traveled, lived and worked in 47 countries on four continents, there’s no one better suited to the work than Peter.

Peter describes his family — his wife, Tanya and two children, Sydney and Jackson — as one that is “happy, grateful and blessed.” That family also includes two cats named Emmet and Silver, who hold a special place in his heart.

Peter also expresses his creativity through writing, carpentry, stone sculpting and cooking for family and friends. He also enjoys challenging himself by sailing, surfing, rock climbing, fly-fishing and — no surprise — learning new languages.