Improv’s Top 10 Informs Business

October 11, 2022 // Blog

Say “Yes!” The number one rule in improv is to “Yes, and…” What does this mean, Sam? Well, I’m glad you asked! It means to truly say “yes” before you say “no.” This is a great tool in any ideation meeting. It ensures people are genuinely considering other people’s ideas. It also supports and validates […]

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Cultural Competence

January 3, 2022 // Blog

How Conscious is Your Global Team?   THE MOST EFFECTIVE leaders fall into two camps: Unconscious Competents and Conscious Competents. Unconscious Competents learn to adapt to ambiguous circumstances, read the invisible communication, and ask for or deliver information in a way that is non-threatening. Their style seems to elicit critical information that others could not […]

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Chess Moves

September 26, 2021 // Blog

Using Global Leadership Development to Facilitate More Effective Business Strategies   When companies “go global,” they often make the mistake of implanting one system or policy into another culture or country. When they do, there’s a huge gap between mindsets that directly affects whether or not the global initiative will ever be successful. For example […]

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My Life in Full: Prouty Book Review

March 25, 2021 // Blog

  My Life in Full: Work, Family, & Our Future by Indra Nooyi  Here are the top 15 “gold nuggets” from Indra’s book that jumped out at me:   1. Big Change “Roger Enrico (former CEO of PepsiCo) approach, and his claim to fame in PepsiCo, was that he made big changes to big […]

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Is it the war for talent or is it really about the race for leadership?

March 19, 2019 // Blog

by Mike Felmlee Interview with Brian Mathiowetz, CEO of Mathiowetz Construction We’ve been talking about the war for talent for some time now. One of our manufacturing clients put it this way the other day, “We simply don’t have enough people for the jobs we have today. And, it’s only going to get worse.” Or, […]

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