The Prouty Team

The Grand Covid Canyon

Our 2022 STRETCH expedition to the Grand Canyon was filled with hiking, rafting, and a little bit of COVID. We also debuted our very first Prouty Project original song, The Grand COVID Canyon. Thanks to everyone who joined us on this “Grand” adventure.



Song by: Samantha Harris and Kristin Jonason


13 days ago, everyone wanted to know,
“What’s the weather gonna be?”
So, we looked to Cassidy,
He pointed to the sky
and said, “Your guess is as good as mine.”

But hey, we gotta know,
What times the coffee?
When will it be ready?
So again, we looked to Cassidy,
He shrugged his shoulders and said,
“Whenever we all get outta bed!”

In the Grand COVID Canyon,
The only place that you can get this thing called “Tolio.”
In the Grand COVID Canyon,
Seriously, how do they keep making fresh guacomolio?

We’re so grateful for you guides.
Matt paddle captain, Jedi in disguise.
Lenny’s gonna make you laugh,
and Julie, she might as well be staff.

A real delight, that nurse Kim.
And Catherine is a wonderful human.
We’ll all miss Teddy and her “Boop.”
And we’re so proud Mike now rows people not just poop!

In the Grand COVID Canyon,
Grab your bag and get off the boat. It’s time to claim your space.
In the Grand COVID Canyon,
The only place that’s hot enough to slide an Oreo down your face.

Let’s not forget Cassidy
and his fancy attire.
Lets us know that he’s not really
from the shire.
And all those shouts of “beauty alert!”
Like the moment Lenny took off his shirt.

Remember when we thought
JRs arm was gonna be the worst?
Then we woke up to Matt getting Covid and he was just the first. (Symptomatically)

In the Grand COVID Canyon,
The rapids and heat have surely showed we’re brave.
In the Grand COVID Canyon,
And have you taken a picture of your favorite poo cave (I have).

And the last question for you all,
Is what kind of shoes should I wear?
We’re only asking ‘cuz we think you’re the tops.
But seriously, are you really just gonna only wear flips flops?

In the Grand COVID Canyon,
Kim you worked so hard, you are such a mover.
In the Grand COVID Canyon,
Oh what’s that I hear, is that the “last call for the Grover!”

In the Grand Covid Canyon,
Look at all this family that now we all have got.
In the Grand COVID Canyon,
I think it’s safe to say we’re gonna miss you all a lot.



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