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(Re) Introducing Prouty

Name: Adrienne Jordan | 4 Years at Prouty
Areas of Focus: Strategic Planning, Leadership Development, Women’s Leadership, Nonprofit, Education, Growing Organizations
Memorable Client Experience: Working with organizations making significant positive impact in people’s lives, our community and the world.
Favorite Prouty Memory: Anytime we are all together!
Interests Outside of Work: Spending time with friends/family, trail hiking, reading/book club, boxing and theater with my daughter, traveling.
Recommended Podcast: Revisionist History, Malcolm Gladwell.
What to Expect: Clients experience: fun, unique experiences that stretch you.

Name:Bethany Krueger | 3.5 Years at Prouty
Areas of Focus: Operations, Human Resources, Marketing
Memorable Client Experience: Watching Prouty L3 program participants learn and grow in their leadership development journeys; including a physical challenge many thought they couldn’t accomplish. Truly inspiring!
Favorite Prouty Memory: Bundt cakes and celebrations!! The baked goods are tasty, and even better is that we regularly celebrate the team’s successes and milestones.
Interests Outside of Work: Taxi service for 3 active kids, kitchen dance parties, and exercising!
Recommended Podcast: Scene on Radio.
What to Expect: Experience, passion, fun, energy, progress. We love our work!

Name:Jeff Knack | 16 Years at Prouty
Areas of Focus: Finance, Forecasting, and Budgeting
Favorite Prouty Memory: Christmas party at the Chanhassen.
Interests Outside of Work: Car shows and state parks.
Recommended Podcast: Shoeless Joe, by W. P. Kinsella.

Name:Jeff Prouty | 35 Years at Prouty
Areas of Focus: Strategic Planning, with companies that range in size from $5 million to $30 billion in annual revenue
Memorable Client Experience: Helping orchestrate a 3-way merger of three companies with $8 billion, $5 billion, and $4 billion-dollar revenues. It was a huge success, with one of the lawyers telling us “darn near impossible.”
Favorite Prouty Memory: STRETCH Expedition 2006, helping rebuild Weligama, Sri Lanka, after the devastating tsunami.
Interests Outside of Work: Dancing Dads, for 11 years, with our daughters, Paige and Shea.
Recommended Book: Touch the Top of the World, by Erik Weihenmayer.
Advice: STRETCH: Beware the power of place, space, and pace in your strategic planning process. 😊

Name:Jonah Kandikatla | 3 Months at Prouty
Areas of Focus: Supporting Internal and Client Processes
Favorite Prouty Memory: I’m grateful for the one-on-one interactions I’ve had with many team members. Especially early on, these conversations created an inviting atmosphere and made all the difference.
Interests Outside of Work: I love reading, writing and playing the bass drum. Fantasy is my go-to genre, but I’m happy with most anything. I mostly write little things: short stories, half-conscious midnight thoughts, but I’ve recently started an effort towards a novel! I play the bass drum in Minnesota Brass Indoor Drumline and the Cavaliers Drum and Bugle Corps.
Recommended Podcast: The Knowledge Project is a great hub of diverse learnings. I find myself coming back to one episode: “Jim Collins: Relationships vs. Transactions.”
Advice: One of the lessons that I have embraced is the realization that for there to be a change a change must be made. This simple adage can be applied to many aspects of life, certainly including strategy and leadership work.

Name:Kaitlin White | 3 Years at Prouty
Areas of Focus: A little bit of a lot of things! I found my passion for graphic design, and enjoy bringing that creative element into the work we do.
Memorable Client Experience: Launching prouty i•will in Prouty’s first-ever all-women leadership retreat is something I will never forget. It was so powerful and inspiring to get so many amazingly talented and strong women in a room together to discover their inner why, grow, and build friendships. 
Favorite Prouty Memory: Any time we are all in the same room together. 🙂 This team is pure magic, and I value each person on the team. Prior to the pandemic, I looked forward to lunchtime every day, because we all made it a priority to sit around the lunch table and share that time together. It is truly one of the most unique attributes of any company I’ve ever worked for.
Interests Outside of Work: If I’m not out on a hike with my Goldendoodle, Beck, you can find me out on the mountain downhill skiing, sipping coffee at the local neighborhood coffee shop, going on adventures with my family, or cheering on my favorite sports teams.
What to Expect: A one-of-a-kind, life-altering, FUN experience where everyone has a seat at the table and your voice is not only​ heard but valued. That’s the magic of Prouty. 🙂

Name:Kari Baltzer | 15 Years at Prouty
Areas of Focus: Consultant Support and Office “Jack of All Trades”
Memorable Client Experience: Pipeline Lego Activity—teams went from frantic and discouraged to shouts of joy and praise.
Favorite Prouty Memory: Climbing Camelback Mountain in Scottsdale, AZ.
Interests Outside of Work: Going boating, biking, skiing, hiking, live music on an outdoor patio, travel.
Recommended Book, Podcast, or Video: Always inspired by Brene Brown.
What to Expect: You will be very happy with your return on investment!

Name:Kristin Jonason | 6 Years at Prouty
Areas of Focus: Expertise: Employee and Workplace Wellbeing, Work Experience: Strategic Planning and Leadership Development
Memorable Client Experience: 1) Being a guide and involved in the planning and delivery of prouty i•will. I feel so fortunate to learn and grow alongside purposeful women who are making a positive impact on their communities and workplaces. OR 2) Engaging in a strategic planning process with Children’s Cancer Research Fund was fun, engaging, and impactful process. To be part of an evolving organization with a valuable and important mission while working alongside positive and impactful leaders is a really powerful experience.
Favorite Prouty Memory: Dog sledding, winter camping, and cooking food over a fire for 2 days as a team in Ely, MN was an unbeatable, incredibly memorable experience. I don’t think any other organization would ever do that together as a team!
Interests Outside of Work: I love camping, hiking, canoeing, and horseback riding. My happy place is sleeping outside in a tent!
Recommended Podcast: NPR’s TED Radio Hour is my favorite podcast to learn from multiple experts about one particular topic.
What to Expect: We have a “yes, and” approach to our work. We will work together to create a customized experience and approach that is meaningful and impactful to you, your team, and your organization while also incorporating our own best practices based on our 30+ years of experience.

Name:Lexi Wick | 3.5 Years at Prouty
Areas of Focus: Strategic Planning and Leadership Development Support
Memorable Client Experience: I work behind the scenes over email a lot. I love when clients come in and realize I am the person they have been corresponding with for the past months. Their excitement when they meet me reminds me I am making a difference in their lives even if on a small scale.
Favorite Prouty Memory: Dog sledding trip in Ely with the entire team, loved it even though it was difficult in the moment. It was such a rewarding experience.
Interests Outside of Work: My husband and I love to hike, camp and road trip everywhere.
What to Expect: One of the things that always amazes me is that some clients don’t realize how much fun we can make a session. Getting down to business can still be fun here at the Prouty Project!

Name:Mike Felmlee | 23 Years at Prouty
Areas of Focus: Strategic Planning and Board Development
Memorable Client Experience: It’s very humbling to sit around the round table in our Creative Think Tank and help leadership teams discern what’s the most important thing they can do to move their company forward and then watch them do it over the next year. My favorite story is when two brothers who said they weren’t sure we could help them but wanted to come and share their story to see if we could. Twenty years later their organization is extremely successful and has grown beyond any of our wildest imaginations.   
Favorite Prouty Memory: Prouty team was up in Ely dogsledding and Adrienne and I were bumped off the back and being dragged behind the dog sled as we watched our colleague sitting in the dog sled unaware of our plight as the dogs kept heading off into the proverbial sunset.    
Interests Outside of Work: I love to read, play with our four grandchildren under the age of 5, golf, and work on our Red Wing Shoe Stores with my three best friends.  
Recommended Video: I love a relatively new YouTube entitled Moon Shot Thinking, which helps people stretch their insights and perspectives beyond what they think they can accomplish.
Advice: If you’re going to do this don’t treat strategy and leadership work separately, as they are intertwined. The worst thing you can do is get an organization all excited about its future and then not be able to deliver on it because of leadership issues, poor team dynamics and/or change management disciplines.

Name:Paige Prouty | 3 Months at Prouty
Areas of Focus: Strategic Planning and Leadership Development Support
College: Chapman University, Finance and international business.
Last Position: Manager trainee at Amerihome, a Western Alliance Bank Corporation (correspondent lending company).
Most Excited About: I’m excited to learn more about the consulting industry.
Favorite Prouty Memory: Going kayaking on the Mississippi River.
Interests Outside of Work: I love Cricut, hanging with my dogs, and travel.
Recommended Video: Disney Imagineers on Disney+.

Name:Peter Hitchcock Bailey | 14 Years at Prouty
Areas of Focus: 80% Leadership and 20% Strategy, Senior Leadership Team Alignment, Leading with Insights Discovery™
Memorable Client Experience: Too many to mention! Here are a few that come to mind: Lifetouch (6 years of Leadership Development programming, Emerson Process Management (Global programs in Prague, Barcelona, Boracay, Austin)), Mystic Lake Gaming Enterprise, McIlhenny (Tabasco) Company, McDonald’s Marketing Leadership Team, L3- Every time, with Every Group, etc.
Favorite Prouty Memory: Powerful memories of teaming with Prouty Team members to bring the best we have to our clients!
Interests Outside of Work: Roasting Sumatran green bean coffee on an open fire, doing carpentry projects around the house, Fly-fishing, reading new writers and also the classics (reading Moby Dick again for the first time), writing fiction, planning next global trip.
Recommended Video: Everyone is Free to Wear Sunscreen, Baz Luhrman
What to Expect: Come talk with us. We would love to discuss what you want to create for your team. We have years of experience working around the globe helping teams like yours be their very best!

Name:Samantha Harris | 3 Months at Prouty
Areas of Focus: Strategic Planning, Leadership Development, Women’s Leadership, Improviser, and Coach
Memorable Client Experience: Seeing how the prouty i•will attendees transform personally and professionally and how the facilitators walk alongside them in that process. It’s inspiring!
Favorite Prouty Memory: Sitting at the round table on my first day and hearing everyone share their personal and professional bests of the week. Every person listens and genuinely cares about what people have to share. We celebrate the success of others!
Interests Outside of Work: A part of the local improv scene, performing regularly in the Twin Cities. I play guitar and sing with others as much as I can. I love to connect with my children in music, playing make believe, and sports!
Recommended Book, Podcast, or Video: I love all things Dr. Brene Brown, Glennon Doyle, and Dr. Laurie Santos from books, specials, published articles, to podcasts!
Advice: Lean into the fun of Strategic Planning! Let play be a part of the process and you’ll see how enjoyable this kind of change can be!

Name:Sam Smith | 8 Years at Prouty
Areas of Focus: Strategic Planning, Leadership Development, and Team Performance
Memorable Client Experience: When I was introduced to a leader’s team as “The guy who made me a better person. You can thank him.”
Favorite Prouty Memory: Hot Yoga.
Interests Outside of Work: Hanging with Maureen. Raising kids. Attending MNUFC Games. Golf. Peloton.
Recommended Book and Speech: MLK Jr. “I Have a Dream.” Book: “The Medici Effect.
Advice: Focus on the experience you need to create to achieve the result you’re seeking. Listen harder than you ever have to simplify and create clarity for your client. Create a path for action.

Name:Tammy Pearson | 1.5 Years at Prouty
Areas of Focus: Women’s Leadership and Nonprofits—Supporting General Business Operations
Memorable Client Experience: One of the aspects I’ve been involved with is prouty i•will, our Women’s Leadership program. It is amazing to see the impact that happens with these women and to feel the healing energy that is created within the retreat spaces. The women are truly transformed and it’s incredible to see how they take their new skills and outlooks and apply them both in their personal lives and in their work.
Favorite Prouty Memory: As part of a Prouty Team Meeting, we went out to People Serving People and helped clean a site. All of us were together cleaning floors and picking up refuse. It was a beautiful demonstration of the heart for service that exists at Prouty.
Interests Outside of Work: I love creative things – writing, reading, crafts. You can often find me playing ukulele, cardio drumming, or at the family cabin enjoying all things water related.
Recommended Video: “100 Days without Fear” Michelle Poler’s Ted Talk about her project to confront her fears and live a more fulfilling life.
What to Expect: Potential clients will experience an engagement tailored just to them – when we say we start with a blank page we mean it. Then the level of care and planning that will go into it from there, creates an experience that will truly be business changing.




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