August Perspective – The Act of Resting

August 16, 2022 // Blog   Two weeks ago, I completed a couple of my busiest months. 16 flights, 11 cities, and 15 client programs. Ordinarily, I would brace myself and my family for a “crazy time,” a “whirlwind week,” a “Road Warrior” travel schedule. And yet, using language like that in the past always made the time feel […]

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Prioritizing Well-Being

April 12, 2022 // Blog

Burnout. Stress. Anxiety. Mental health. The Great Re-evaluation. The Great Resignation. Employee shortage. Turnover. These terms are all too familiar among organizations today. Literature reviews and research demonstrate that high employee well-being can predict greater customer satisfaction, more productivity, greater profitability, and may influence stock prices. Employee satisfaction can predict revenue, sales, and profits. Happy […]

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3 Ways to Increase Employee Happiness and Well-being

August 24, 2021 // Blog

The workforce has changed in many ways over the past year. Organizations learned how to adapt quickly to new norms and ways of working; they attempted to maintain strong personal connections as they worked virtually or in hybrid environments; they placed a higher priority on employee well-being. As a positive psychology practitioner with an interest […]

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