Leading the Business with Insight in the Midst of a Pandemic: Third in the Three Heart Series

July 21, 2021 // Blog

These have been challenging times…2020 is over and done, and yet many of us are still trying to get wind in our sails for 2021. Either way, it has been a fascinating time to be a leader. As we have continued our relationships with business leaders across all our client groups, a couple of strong […]

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Leading Others with Heart and Soul in Challenging Times

October 29, 2020 // Blog

I have had the honor of serving on the Board of Trustees at the Voyageur Outward Bound School, the preeminent outdoor leadership organization. The other day I watched as Jack Lee, the Executive Director, led a Zoom video meeting with the board and members of the staff. His letters each week throughout the COVID-19 crisis […]

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Listen for the Story

October 28, 2020 // Blog

“I need to listen with my ears!” is what a colleague exclaimed when we were discussing an upcoming, and potentially difficult conversation she was scheduled to have with a co-worker the next day. As a part of this conversation, they had to agree upon whose recommendation they would select to present to leadership… both were […]

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Leadership Lessons from a Former Camp Counselor

October 27, 2020 // Blog

“At the end of the day people won’t remember what you said or did, they will remember how you made them feel.” – Maya Angelou As I reflect on impactful experiences and leaders I’ve had throughout my life, my most defining moments come from working at YMCA Camp Olson, an overnight summer camp for youth. […]

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Tackle the ABCs of Business Decay

January 10, 2019 // Blog

Any great leadership team recognizes that while strategic planning may begin at the top, it cannot live without moving it throughout all levels of the organization. Without a fully engaged workforce taking meaningful action, even the best strategies will falter at best. As you consider how to use your strategic plan to better engage the […]

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Nine Day Stretch Three Prouty L3 Participants Share Their Experience

April 21, 2018 // Blog

The Prouty Project Leadership Development team created our own brand of L3 — Leading Self; Leading Others; and Leading the Business — and inspired an alchemy of awakening. These are the stories of three participants from our first two Prouty L3 cohorts. Mike Colby, Prouty L3/Cohort 1 Mike Colby, Head of Logistics Automation at SICK, […]

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Shifting Perspectives on Leadership

March 9, 2017 // Blog

Regardless of the size, location, or industry of your business, you are operating in a global environment. Let’s let that sink in for a moment. With significant demographic and technology shifts and emerging global markets, the business world has become a veritable marketplace of limitless interaction. Leaders are being challenged to better understand the nuances […]

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The Glue in Merging Cultures

July 13, 2016 // Blog

Did you know that multiple thin strips of wood glued together are stronger and more stable than a single wood panel of the same width? For instance, gluing six 3-foot lengths of 1 x 3 lumber creates a final product less prone to cupping, twisting, and bowing than a single 18-inch wide panel of the […]

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