Improv’s Top 10 Informs Business

October 11, 2022 // Blog

Say “Yes!” The number one rule in improv is to “Yes, and…” What does this mean, Sam? Well, I’m glad you asked! It means to truly say “yes” before you say “no.” This is a great tool in any ideation meeting. It ensures people are genuinely considering other people’s ideas. It also supports and validates […]

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My Life in Full: Prouty Book Review

March 25, 2021 // Blog

  My Life in Full: Work, Family, & Our Future by Indra Nooyi  Here are the top 15 “gold nuggets” from Indra’s book that jumped out at me:   1. Big Change “Roger Enrico (former CEO of PepsiCo) approach, and his claim to fame in PepsiCo, was that he made big changes to big […]

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The Magic of Machuzick

August 13, 2019 // Blog

  The Prouty Project had the exciting opportunity to work with John Machuzick, recently retired as the President of “Brands on the Go,” a $2 billion piece of General Mills The Prouty Project heard rave reviews about John as a leader from many folks in the world of General Mills. Humble, entrepreneurial, and courageous were […]

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Hey, Wait a Minute…

April 7, 2019 // Blog

  Hey, Wait a Minute… I Started a Consulting Business!  I talked to Jeff Prouty recently about the basics of starting a consulting business. He actually made it sound, if not easy, at least possible. Here are some helpful pointers:   ✓ Getting Started. Jeff began his own consulting business seven years ago by […]

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