Jeff Prouty

Chairman & Founder


Jeff’s favorite movie is “Field of Dreams” (he’s even taken our team on a road trip to Dyersville, Iowa, where it was filmed), so it’s no surprise that The Prouty Project — the company he founded 30+ years ago — has become a “field” where he works with others to make dreams come true.

Many of the dreams are business-related: each year, Jeff and his team work with up to 75 CEOs from all over the world, helping them develop strategic plans and stronger leaders. His capacity for serving as a true visionary, for his own organization and in support of his clients, is well known. What’s even more impressive however, is his predisposition for optimism and kindness. That reputation has fueled his firm’s success for more than three decades.

Jeff and his wife Mary live in Eden Prairie. They have two daughters, Paige and Shea, both adopted from China. The family actively contributes their time, talent and treasure to causes they care about, including the National Charity League, Inc., Ronald McDonald House, Sigma Phi Epsilon National Fraternity, FINNEGANS Board of Inspiration (FBI), the Minnetonka Band Boosters and one initiative they hold particularly dear — The Prouty Project Stretch Fund of the Minneapolis Foundation, which they intend to grow to $2 million.

In his free time, Jeff, who describes himself as “the luckiest guy in the world,” enjoys reading, seeing movies, working out and spending time on Think Tank II, The Prouty Project’s powerboat and “floating meeting space,” the perfect spot for both Jeff and clients to dream new dreams and steer a course to new horizons.