Sam Smith

Managing Director


Known by his clients and colleagues for expanding curiosity, uncovering insights and driving action, Sam lives by his two favorite questions — “What if?” and “Why not?”— and his two favorite statements — “We can!” and “Let’s go!”

For close to two decades, Sam has worked with executives to drive effective change, create adaptive advantage and accelerate meaningful innovation. He does this by designing and facilitating experiential solutions. These include executive retreats, strategic planning sessions and leadership development programs — all of which enable Sam to do what he is most passionate about: helping people see and believe in possibility.

Sam lives in Minneapolis with his family. While he and his wife Maureen enjoy parenting five kids with various interests and unique personalities, they love their moments of time together that often includes going out for a late-night game of pool.

Sam graduated from Michigan State University, where he was a scholarship student athlete and Captain of the men’s gymnastics team. As a gymnast of 20 years, there were many highlights including a performance in the halftime show of Super Bowl XXVI. Today, Sam stays engaged with the sport as the voice of Gopher Men’s Gymnastics.