Kari Baltzer

Associate Consultant


Kari appreciates the beauty of the outdoors. She enjoys hiking through the mountains and spending time in and on the water. Which may explain why she likes to travel, because although Minnesota offers plenty of lakes, we’re a bit deficient when it comes to higher altitudes.

As associate consultant, Kari has one goal: to make life easier for everyone else, which she does with her desire to lend a helping hand and can-do attitude. She has a knack for making things better than they were with her attention to detail which makes Kari so good at her job. She’s not afraid to dig into her role to deepen client relationships and help the process run smoothly from A to Z.

Kari lives in Eden Prairie, close to work and her two fabulous young-adult “kids.” She describes her family as energetic, experiential people who like to “do and be active”—travel, hike, bike, golf, ski, and exercise.

Kari’s most memorable trip was to Mozambique, where she spent five weeks helping teach orphaned children and living out her favorite Mark Twain quote: “The best way to cheer yourself up is to try to cheer somebody else up.”