Julie Marks

Office Manager


It takes a steady hand and a sharp mind to manage an office—two things Julie brings to The Prouty Project team. As our Office Manager, she’s the glue that holds us together, the oil that keeps the cogs of our business running smoothly, and it’s her mission to fine-tune our day-to-day operations as she leads resources management, operations, event planning, and other administrative tasks.

She came to the Prouty team after 10 years as the Assistant Athletic Director for a top-ranked school, where she helped lead the department in event planning, operations and facilities management, budgeting and finance, and staff management. She is reliable, direct, organized, and always ready to keep our team on course. But that’s not all; she also has a kind and generous spirit. Outside the office, you’ll find her actively volunteering at various fundraisers and with many community organizations. With a level head and big heart, Julie fits right in at the center of the Prouty Project office!