The Prouty Project

Prouty Perspective November 2022


Adrienne Jordan

“I am grateful for long hikes and the beauty of nature, God’s healing gift to us all.”



Bethany Krueger

“I’m grateful for…
My unbelievably supportive family and friends. This amazing organization and team. Curiosity, patience, and love.”



Jeff Knack

“I’m thankful for family (and the single life).”



Jeff Prouty

“I am grateful for the opportunity to chase my dreams in America, and I appreciate all the support/encouragement I have gotten along the way—over the past 66 years–from friends, family, and teammates.”



Jonah Kandikatla

“I’m grateful for my family beyond anything else! They love me in a way that enables me to meet most any challenge.”



Kaitlin White

“I’m grateful for family, friends, good health, and my dog Beck.”



Kari Baltzer

“Three things God has given me that I’m so grateful for:  my 2 kids, my health and love of being active, and my wonder and appreciation of the beauty of this world!”



Kristin Jonason

“I am grateful for the ability (mental, physical, emotional) to have outdoor adventures, experiences outside, or even just reflective moments of calm among mother nature.”



Lexi Wick

“I am grateful to live in the beautiful State of Minnesota with my loved ones. Living in Minnesota means the changing of seasons, and always being close to a beautiful place to walk, bike, hike, or camp. I am also blessed to have most of my family and friends living near to share in this state’s beauty.”



Paige Prouty

“I am grateful I am able to spend quality time with my family, friends and dogs.”



Peter Bailey

“Health and wellbeing of my family! These have been challenging times, and everyone has been through a lot! Sending best wishes to all in our ‘family’ network!”



Samantha Harris

“I’m grateful for a community (my kids included) of people that push me to be better, to make art with, and to laugh with. In all areas of my life, I am connected to some of the most loving, brilliant, and hilarious people. I’m so thankful that I get to be among them and learn from them. My days are not without laughter and love and that’s what matters most.”



Sam Smith

“This is my crew that I get to love. At the center of it all, my co-founder of our secret club. To be called husband & friend, dad and boppa is my greatest honor.”



Tammy Pearson

“How blessed am I to be a small part of this amazing world? I am grateful for my family, friends, and my pup Weezer.”




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