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Leading Self • Leading Others • Leading the Business

The Prouty Project Leadership Development Cohorts offer an intensive, collaborative and experiential environment for leaders in your organization. Participants will gain in-depth self-awareness, increased social awareness and the strategic tools needed to drive high-performance results.

Led by Peter Bailey and Sam Smith of The Prouty Project, individual three-day sessions take place in Spring, Summer, and Fall 2022 for a total of nine days per cohort.

We’ll inspire your leaders to lead and go further than you ever imagined.

2022 Prouty L3 Sessions

Leading Self – Spring 2022

Leaders will discover personal strengths, potential blind spots and the impact of emotions and perspectives to better understand the impact on their ability to lead.

Leading Others – Summer 2022

Next, they will gain new perspectives on working styles to identify how to partner with their colleagues in more meaningful ways and develop the skills to lead their team with more resilience.

Leading the Business – Fall 2022

Lastly, they will expand their view to the interconnectedness of the strategies driving your business, creatively solve problems and inspire innovative thinking as a strategic leader in your organization.

Get Out of the Box

The setting for the Prouty L3 cohort encourages leaders to think outside the box. The Leadership Center at beautiful Sugar Lake lodge in Grand Rapids, MN creates a learning environment that is second to none – featuring state-of-the-art meeting facilities, Northwoods resort lodging and chef-created meals.

Your Prouty L3 Leaders

Our leaders at The Prouty Project will be your leaders at Prouty L3. With a combined four decades of experience driving change, challenging businesses to think differently, and training high-level leaders, Peter and Sam will lead an intensive and collaborative experience from which participants gain the personal and professional skills necessary to grow themselves and the organizations they lead.

Peter Bailey | President, The Prouty Project

As president of The Prouty Project, he develops transformational experiences that improve collaboration by helping people expand their life skills, belief systems and communication processes. He also designs and facilitates cross-cultural strategic planning and innovation programs for companies eager to help their people become more effective global team members. Having traveled, lived and worked in 47 countries on four continents, there’s no one better suited to the work than Peter.

Sam Smith | Vice President, The Prouty Project

Known by his clients and colleagues for expanding curiosity, uncovering insights and driving action, Sam lives by his two favorite questions — “What if?” and “Why not?”— and his two favorite statements — “We can!” and “Let’s go!”

For close to two decades, Sam has worked with executives to drive effective change, create adaptive advantage and accelerate meaningful innovation. He does this by designing and facilitating experiential solutions. These include executive retreats, strategic planning sessions and leadership development programs — all of which enable Sam to do what he is most passionate about: helping people see and believe in possibility.

Prouty L3 Participant Stories

Make New Connections

“It’s real leadership training you can use. I was surprised at how quickly 20 people came together and even now stay connected. That’s truly special. It was a wonderful balance of head and heart. An amazing experience I won’t forget.”

Grow Your Business

“We changed our market position 180 degrees and went from zero wins to significant wins with one of the world’s largest online retailers. The results came from a combination of new L3 leadership skills and Blue Ocean thinking. Prouty L3 helped us learn how to truly lead the business.”

Try Something Different

“In 25 years of professional development, I’ve never participated in anything even close to this experience. I’d do it again in a heartbeat.”

Invest In Your Best. Act Now!

Spots fill up fast for this popular leadership development program, so contact us early if you have interest. Download the FREE Prouty L3 Program Brochure for complete details on the cohort and how you can enroll today!

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