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More Than a Summer Internship – Five Aspects of The Prouty Project Our Intern, Kennedy, Will Miss the Most

by Kennedy

I initially joined the Prouty Project for a two-week internship to meet my high school graduation requirement. However, as I got to know the remarkable Prouty team and saw their unique qualities, I decided I wanted to extend my stay throughout the summer. They warmly welcomed me as a new team member, and I cherished being part of their vibrant team that puts each other and their clients at the heart of their work. As my summer internship comes to an end, I’m reflecting on the top 5 things I’ll miss the most about the Prouty team.


The level of trust and confidence put upon the company’s latest recruits mirrors the very trust they strive to earn from their clients. The usual corporate internship is often filled with mundane duties such as coffee runs or organizing the mailroom – tasks that tend to distance interns from the genuine action that sparks meaningful transformations within the organization. At Prouty, the conventional script is rewritten. I had the opportunity to work on various projects that were not just internal, but directly presented to clients. I’ll miss the Prouty team’s distinct approach, and their unwavering faith in the potential of every team member, regardless of their standing within the company hierarchy.


As an organization, they go the extra mile to ensure that everyone feels like they belong, paying attention to each other’s energies and checking in regularly. If you didn’t bring lunch, no worries – someone is always eager to treat you. Assistance is offered almost instantly whenever confusion arises. Having a challenging week? Numerous team members are ready to lend a listening ear. This level of support is not just internal; the Prouty team extends it to their client interactions as well. They’re more than willing to sit with you, envision possibilities with you, express gratitude, and welcome you with that signature Prouty smile. I’ll miss their dedication to fostering connections and creating a positive atmosphere that truly distinguishes them.


It’s easy to get caught up in the hustle-and-bustle lifestyle that’s so common in corporations. But the Prouty team never lets that stop them from truly appreciating each other and the work that each person contributes. On the first day of my internship, I was greeted with breakfast, a welcome sign, and a very appreciative atmosphere. The smiles that beamed my way on my first day persisted throughout my tenure. Sometimes, I was even surprised with sweet beverages on my desk in the morning. Every project I worked on, no matter how small, was celebrated with a heartfelt thank you from the person who assigned it. Even if the task was minor, I always felt valued and that my work truly made a difference. I’ll miss the Prouty team’s culture of appreciation, a cherished quality, that made my internship truly special.


Adapting on the fly comes naturally to the Prouty team. Whether it involves reshuffling plans midway to cater to client interests or adding team-building activities into the session just because the interns, including myself, hadn’t seen them yet, the Prouty team consistently prioritizes the interests of those around them. Many project rundowns conclude with an empowering sentiment: “You might have a better way of doing it.” This shows their consistent openness to new ideas, a fresh outlook, and a willingness to reevaluate established methods, even if it means changing practices that have been in place for years. Be it compiling summary reports or creating their yearly stretch expedition journals, I’ll miss their hunger for innovation that knows no bounds.


I’ll miss getting to know the clients, working on various projects, the inside jokes, the time spent together working through my Mac to Windows learning curve, the short, impromptu dance parties to the overhead music, the time spent on the Prouty boat (Think Tank ll), stretching our minds, the many, many, flipcharts we wrote on, our good friend, the Insights Discovery profile binding machine, and most of all, each and every one of you. Thank you for an amazing, productive, and learning-filled summer! Let the stretch never cease!



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