What’s in
a name?

Sometimes we get asked what a “Prouty” is, so we offer this short introduction on the topic, which is quite meaningful to us, even if it’s not to you. Please skip this section if you have better things to do. For those who are curious, read on…

Prouty is a surname, likely of English or German heritage. Jeff Prouty, in particular, is our founder. That’s his name — Jeff Prouty. The pronunciation of Prouty is important, too. It’s not the “oo” sound in the word aloof (because that’s not Jeff at all). It is the “ou” sound in the word clout, which is quite fitting since Jeff does seem to know virtually everyone in the Twin Cites after 30 years of networking here and doing business all over the world. So, onto the company name: The Prouty Project Inc. is our consulting firm’s full name.

The word “Project” is the word Jeff rather nonchalantly borrowed from The Alan Parsons Project band back in 1987 when he started the company. It’s a good thing he didn’t use “Springsteen” or “Foreigner” as either of those may have been problematic. Who knows if we’d be here today. If you still have questions on this subject, please refer them to Stretch, the nonexistent dachshund mascot that some of us dream of having around the office.


Stretch into Fun

We’ll make sure you keep your sense of humor. Life gets too stressful otherwise. So let’s enjoy the work.

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