At The Prouty Project, our clients are the center of everything. That’s not a cliché. That’s our culture. It’s simply our way of being. We pay attention to the details and we go the extra mile. We never take shortcuts.

We’ve been doing it that way for more than 30 years. Since 1987 when Jeff Prouty started the business and he intuitively knew there was a different way to deliver professional services.

So he’s spent decades surrounding himself with a team that believes in the principles of his vision: show up with positive energy; be willing to stretch yourself; lead with possibilities; take initiative and be curious; give back and have fun! This philosophy can be summed up in our core values:


Much has changed in 30 years, but those values have remained driving forces throughout The Prouty Project culture.

Our team guides CEOs, executives and next-gen leaders to achieve extraordinary results every day, yet what makes us unique is in how we do that.