Anne Davidman

Anne Davidman

Senior Consultant

Anne is passionate about helping women succeed in business and in life. She’s an active member of Ellevate and TeamWomen, organizations that support women to lead and reach their full potential. Anne admires Malala Yousafza for her courage as an advocate for girl’s education. As a survivor, UN Speaker, author, and the youngest Nobel Peace Prize winner, Yousafza is the definition of perseverance and strength. One of Anne’s favorite quotes comes from young Malala: “Let us make our future now, and let us make our dreams tomorrow’s reality.”

As a senior consultant, Anne helps clients realize new possibilities they never thought were possible. She sees this transformative process as the magic of The Prouty Project — one of the many compelling factors that drew Anne to this meaningful role.

The big draw for Anne from a family perspective is her husband Jeff who works for Delta Air Lines and her two daughters, Ella and Addie. Their mini labradoodle Paisley makes five. This team loves to travel and is always seeking their next adventure. After a recent trip to Costa Rica, zip-lining, sailing, snorkeling, horseback riding, exploring volcanoes and finding natural springs, Anne believes her dream job would be designing and leading travel tours for families.

Of all the natural gifts she could possess in a supernatural world, Anne would choose time travel. She would like to go back in time to witness history for herself, as well as travel into the future to see what will become of our planet. She then would like to come back to the present with her new perspectives and do her best to make the world a better place. Since her favorite word is “dream” and her least favorite word is “impossible” — it seems she may actually have what it takes to make it happen.